The First 10 Things I Learned As A Digital Artist

What is the main motto of all of us to join a school or a university? It’s all about to learn and increase the knowledge. I went to the digital art school to learn something new and execute it with my talent. The selection of my school was tough but resulted in a great decision for me. That is why I have developed the power to execute my imagination in front of the people. There some things that I learned while studying digital art, I have mentioned the basic ten things that I learned. These are the basic things that you have to learn while studying digital art. I am sharing my experience with you so that you people get the knowledge and don’t make such mistakes as beginners.

Basic Ten Things That I Learned Primitively

Choosing The Perfect Canvas Size

It is very important to select the perfect canvas size. The canvas is the place where you will execute your imagination. If you choose it wrong, then all your effort will go in vain. The size of the canvas should be proper otherwise your art will not fit in it or will become very small in comparison to the canvas.

Try To Avoid Choosing The White Background

Black background is preferred in digital art

In the most traditional it was very common to choose white canvas so that bright colors can be used to create the art. But in the digital art, this concept is not preferred that much. The digital art says that a black background is preferable over a white background. You can also change the background according to your choice, but the white background is not that much preferred.

Do Not Prefer Strong Contrast

In the world of digital art; it is not preferred to go with a strong contrast. Sometimes the strong contrast reduces the effect of the art. A lighter contrast may enhance the effect of that art. It is better to balance the contrast according to your art. The lighter contrast is preferable over strong contrast.

Use Simple Tools

It is preferred to select the small brushes and the less complicated tools to create the art. Using complicated tools makes it difficult to execute your imagination. So you must use easier tools. Being simple is more effective in this field.

Try To Use Less Number Of Colors

It is very important to work with various colors but not within a single art. Art with multiple colors will confuse the viewer and may not prefer the viewer. Less color will make it simpler and will give an attractive look.

Mix Your Palate

In the digital painting palate, you may get some suggestion of colors. But that may not suit your art. It is better to create a new mixture according to your mind to enhance the look of the art and photographs.

Get Knowledge To Control The Grayscale

It is very important to know about the grayscale. If you make a small imbalance with it, then your art may get destroy with bad effects of the grayscale.

Keep Safe Distance With Doge And Burn Tools

These tools are not useless, but as a beginner, it may be difficult for you to control the effect of these tools.

Try Not To Blend With A Soft Brush

If you are trying to blend colors, then the blur brushes are a preferable tool for it. The soft brush may not give the exact effect you want.

2D and 3D effect

Understand The Difference Between 2D And 3D

It is the very important thing to know. An art that requires 3D effect will not get satisfied with the 2D effect. Keep this in mind before you start creating.

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