Want to amaze your friends with your super notebook cover or that adorable t-shirt? In the modern art world, you will get different medium to show your creative ideas. One of these is digital artwork that is popular in the market. But you need to be professional and avoid the mistakes by adopting the techniques and use it in your ways. DIY art ideas are your best friend to stand out from the crowd and be the talk of the class. I have bought for you the top four ideas to make sure you look cool while in school. Fret not as these ideas are so simple that you don’t need any extra set of skills to accomplish these.

Your Very Own Customized Notebook Covers And Pencils

Let me start up on the simplest of the DIY projects- the basic school supplies of pencils and notebooks. Want to have cute and adorable confetti pencils? Just put duct tape on the eraser, and the mouths of the pencil and then spray paint white on the entire body of the pencil. After the paint dries down, use hole reinforcers and fill them with acrylic paints in vivid hues of pink, blue, red or more. And voila! No more mixing up of pencils with your friends.

For an artistic notebook cover in minutes, I would suggest you get your hands on some newspapers, two colors of spray paints and some lace. Begin by putting the newspaper inside the notebook to save the pages. Spray paint one color and let it dry. After it has dried, tightly put the lace on top and go ahead with the second color. Dry it down and remove the lace to see the magic.

Be Your Cheerleader In Pompom Key Chains

For this one, you will need a pompom maker (they are available in any art and craft outlets), colorful yarns, gold chains, claw clasp, pliers and jump rings. After you have made the pompoms and trimmed them to size, just put the gold jump ring at the center and put the gold chain through it. Cut the chain to size and add the clasp.

Alternatively, you can make the pompoms without the maker too by tying the yarns in the center and repeatedly brushing them with a brush till they are fluffy. I suggest you make more than one piece and hang it all to your bag to see your friends ask you to make them some too!

Create A Jar Of Happiness With Mason Jars

You can turn mason jars into art creations and use them to store your school supplies or send them as gifts to classmates or teachers. Get your hands on some spray paints, ribbons, permanent markers, scissors, and tapes. After painting the clear Mason jar, go ahead with your designs with ribbons and the like. I suggest sticking the mini chalkboard on it for that extra dose of cuteness where you can write your teacher or friend’s name before gifting it to them.

Be Unique By Creating Your Accessories

I love accessories and more of those that are multipurpose like this hairband that morphs into a neckpiece. Besides this one is a great idea for giving a twist to your old neckpieces. Sit with a plier and start bending the chain links on the neckpiece to open it. Repeat the same with the other side of the necklace and insert the hair tie through both of it. Check if the result fits well in your neck and head. And your work is done. Yes, it is that simple, and now you can flaunt your pretty new hair band/neckpiece.

Make Your Mark With These Custom Made Bookmarks

No need to spend your money on buying bookmarks when you can make one (or many!) at home. I’m not talking about the big, complicated bookmarks but the simplest ones that just need cardboard, bubble wraps and some decorations that you can get. Color the cardboard and then put in the decorations. Finish it off with the bubble wrap, and you have in your hands a unique way to mark the pages.

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