That perfect and flawless selfie being flooded with likes and comments is something that everyone loves. Talking about selfies, can photo- editing be far behind? From celebrities to us common folks, everyone indulges in a bit of Photoshop to make the picture look perfect. Here, let me take you through some of my tips and tricks on Photoshopping your selfie.

The Three Steps Leading To Selfie Perfection

  • After you have clicked the selfie, start with putting the effect of sliming (you can try this great app that I love). The words of caution- always check the background while putting the “slimify” effect. Do not make the mistake of making an object like a door or a bookshelf curvy or wobbly while putting the effect. Your best bet is going for a background without straight edges as they are easy to Photoshop.

  • Next, I move on to the face. Who doesn’t love the idea of a clear, smooth skin? I know I do and you are no different. The trick to not make it seem doctored is leaving out a few imperfections on the skin. Smoothening out too much makes it look unnatural and obvious.

  • Leave out the hair while you are editing. Yes, I know perfect stands of hair with a few edits here and there, sound irresistible. Too perfect hair is also a straight giveaway of photo-editing. Let the flyways be as they give a natural feel to the photo.

I have seen, when it comes to selfies, most people start seeing faults that are not even there in the photo. It leads to over-editing, and that is one thing you must avoid at all cost. A bit of confusion still left in mind? There are some amazing online tutorials one click away at your service.

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