I have been interested in Art since a young age. This interest led me to study digital arts formally. This endeavor of learning how to utilize technology and create enticing virtual art pieces has given a nurture to my inherent ingenuity. After the completion of every class, my artistic wisdom gets enriched a bit more, and I progress towards life’s cardinal objective of becoming an art pro.

When I venture to recollect childhood memories, I visualize myself crooked over a piece of paper and sketching with a graphite pencil or drawing with a crayon.

As I grew up, the pleasing bug of creativity continued tickling me 24*7. 

The scheduled art classes at school, private paintings tutorials and sitting down with the drawing book whenever there was time—I pursued all the ways to quench my art thirst. And then as I stepped into adulthood, that bug again started pinching me to explore the mind-arresting genre of digital artwork. In the aftermath of graduation, I enrolled at my present institute and now am passing every single day in the attempt to create ‘perfect’ (as always my heart wishes for) images over the LED monitor.

As much as I have grown fond of this exquisite technology-based creativity with the passing of every single day, do not think it was a cake-eating job for me for the very first day. Do not know whether it was my way-too-much enthusiasm or the too early strive to be impeccable, but as a beginner digital artist, I did commit some blunders which made computer-based creativity more a maze to me. However, with the guidance of ace instructors and stimulation of my ‘bug,’ I was able to decipher that puzzle.

Nevertheless, I would like to list out the errors that I made during the initial phase so you can get some friendly tips:

More Than The Books, Trust Your Artistic Instinct

It truly befits you in making a place among other aspirant artists. Remember, the knowledge imbibed within those pages assist you to build up the foundation of your skill. This scholastic wisdom entails you about the fundamental norms to utilize the relevant software and gadgets and actualize the drawing. But make sure that your ingenious spontaneity does not get obscured by all those regulations. My mistake was to refrain from experimenting a new style of thinking that was falling way out of the bookish instructions. This dilemma eventually hindered my progress.

If you truly want to stand out, then do not cease from applying your impulsiveness into the art tools, even if that appears to be out of the books.

Be Natural, Not Too Articulate

It was a prime fault of mine in the zeal to be flawless. My naivety took it that if only my painting were dressed up with every iota of technical specification then only it would turn out to be flawless. But soon I cognized that this gesture was making me compromise my innate artistic aptitude. Keep in mind that the mediums of computer graphics are there to let you add that ‘extra’ exquisiteness to your creation. But they should not build up the totality of your craft. First let your ingenious flair take shape over the screen, then decide whether or not you will grace that with technological touches. Then at the initial stage, it is always best to keep these special tools’ usage at the minimal level.

Use them freely when you become prudent enough to paint over the screen that impression where a perfect blend showcases both your creativity and the technical panache.

Do Not Utilize Anything You Are Not Yet Acquainted With

It was yet another result of my ‘over-enthusiasm.’ During the beginner level of the art course, to present ‘the most distinctive project,’ I took the step of utilizing the advanced level brush pack of Photoshop. I was not well-trained in it when I took it up. I even borrowed the high sequence graphic tablet from my cousin. And what a night it was when in front of the computer, I sat dumbfounded with the all the advanced type digital fixtures! Not knowing even the basics of their operations, the instruction manuals became all Greek to me, and I ended up submitting the most conventional assignment. While learning such a fine skill, please do not rush. Walk at a steady pace and showcase inherent talent.


As a parting tip, I propose that you begin the voyage of digital creativity by painting first the face of most loved person or pet. The affection aids you to craft the best piece.

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