Taking Your Art Career Beyond The Canvas

Either as a hobby or through learning, you have made a drawing or two. Your friends and family appreciate your work of art and their ‘praises’ give you morale. Yes, you can do some canvas for them for a small fee and it makes you feel good. But is that all? Are you really comfortable being an amateur artist? Why not get up and step up your game? Enough of being average, here are tips on how to walk your way up to a distinguished professional artist.

How To Become A Professional Artist

Take Example From The Pioneers – Little Asians Case

Little Asians - Official Website
Little Asians – Official Website

Little Asians is the website that’s going to debut pretty soon. On its official website you can find the video content that’s never been seen before and this is what makes this website unique. It’s porn website and it features tiny oriental chicks in some very hardcore actions. If you are interested in seeing this unique thing you should check that website out.

Keep Practicing; It’s The Only Way To Become Perfect

Keep practicing

Being called an artist may sound interesting, you, however, will not upgrade if you get satisfied with that. You need to be more focused in order to go above and become better. To gain the required technical knowledge, you have to keep practicing. Consider setting aside some time for building your technique on a daily basis, this could be an hour or two.

During these practice sessions be sure to work on your weak areas. You can build your skills by doing some research, looking up art tutorials on the internet, and other informative websites.

Vary Your Tools Of Work

Art calls for exploration. For instance, what have you been using for your drawings? If you have been on pencils, maybe it’s time to try using paint, or pastel! Never be hesitant to try something new. You might be thrilled by the results. While sampling your techniques, it is advisable to transition from the cheap mediums to the expensive ones.

Start Working On The Things You Love

Work on things you love

Doing the things one loves makes one achieve beautiful results. It is no different when it comes to artwork. Start by working on something that you love because you will give good results. While working on a drawing that is, something that you like, make the drawing over and over again. This will give an excellent end product.

Seek Criticism From Friends And Family

I know family members have the habit of ‘lying’ in order to sound nice. However, if you want to take your skills to the next level you will require more from them. Ask for their honest opinion, if need be, let them know that they cannot be giving you biased opinions as that will only limit your potential. As an artist, you need to take the criticism as a positive note for you to grow.

Request The Criticism Of Other Professional Artists

Ask for criticism

Sometimes, we need to ‘learn from the best to become one of the best’. Request artists who are more skilled and experienced to assess your work. It would be best to ask that from professionals you admire. As you seek their counsel, congratulate them for their outstanding work and enquire about their skills and so on. Many will enjoy teaching you as a beginner and thus will not mind sharing a word or two. Attend interactive forums even with artists who are just starting out. Learning never stops.

Exhibit Your Prolific Skills

As you gain skills, flaunt them. Yes; at times that’s the only way to create a profile and an outstanding one. Give your artwork a specific aspect that traces them back to you but still speaks volumes about your skills. Do a number of your favorite drawings and put them in a showroom; this could even be a small room in your house. You could also showcase your skills by having your canvas drawings hang beautifully at a joint where many people do frequent. The number of referrals that could attract might shock you. This leads me to my next point which is;

Marketing Yourself As An Artist

Artist art exhibit

If you want to become famous, you have to do something that will make people know you or at least want to know you. You have grown into a professional artist; all you need to do now is to build a name and a reputation.

Tips On How To Market Your Work

  • Build a blog or share your work on already existing blogs
  • Build a photo gallery where you can show your completed works
  • Visit art galleries and get to introduce yourself as an artist, if they allow it, bring along some of your best works
  • Let art flow in you, from the way you talk, your social media interests and so on.
  • Scan and share photos of your work
  • Register and join art activities whenever you can. You want to grow, look out for these societies and contests.
  • Find an internet marketer or art agent who can help you reach a wider market for your skills

You do not have to keep it at the canvas level. It’s all within your responsibility. Reach for greater heights because you can do it!

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